LED-light products designed to softly illuminate spaces with light and motion sensors.
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Grupa e3light

Grupa e3light

e3light Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of light and lighting technology, not only that the company has implemented on its value chain the whole process of manufacturer and development. The Danish group has offices worldwide and over a decade operated through fully owned production facilities in Far East.

The headquarters of the company are in Lystrup, Denmark, and the group employs more than 250 people worldwide. Without compromising on light quality.

The Group is vertically integrated company that encompasses research, development, design, manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing of technologically advanced lighting sources.  e3light is able to quickly manoeuvre and react to market demands due to its vertical organization and talented team.  It starts with the in-house design team that takes product into development and production in facilities owned by e3light.  This ensures the quality that is essential to our business.  By having direct control of all aspects of the organization, e3light is also able to maintain low costs and provide a fast turnaround.

The group is divided into two different business lines; e3light Professional A/S, e3light Retail A/S

e3light Pro which is a a strategic lighting partner and works to create complete lighting solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Through this line the group sells directly to the final consumer. 

through e3light Retail the company sells directtly to professionals. Is Scandinavia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of energy-saving lamps to the retail market.

Retail sells mostly private label, B2C branded products to supermarkets, hardware stores, DIY outlets and lighting suppliers. 

The group has a third business line called mylight.me. mylight.me is a series of innovative and energy-efficient LED-light products that incorporates motion and light activated sensors. 

We back this up with the three e’s that make up the foundation of the company: economy, energy, and environment. 

We offer energy efficient products to lower energy consumption and cut down on energy expenses.  Our products last longer and operate cleaner cutting down on landfill deposits and reducing CO2 emissions. 

e3light is very committed to environmental issues and that the world needs to change to more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly light sources. The group wants to be an active member of this change thus works daily to become a strong example. For this reason all e3light activities and products follow the 3 E's Principle Environment, Economy and Energy Environment - longer life – reduced CO2 emissions Economy - value for money - energy savings Energy - higher efficiency - lower consumption The company is powered by 100% wind power. And we use only renewable wind energy for its production facilities.

Additionally, e3light has joined BSCI, Business Social Compliance Initiative. Quality control is an important focus for e3light.

The company has implemented standards and policies to ensure that the products are consistently at the highest levels of quality. e3light carefully selects manufacturing partners and suppliers based on a number of ISO qualifications, to ensure that the product quality complies with the highest standards set by e3light. Company performs regular inspections of raw materials and components, and finished goods are thoroughly tested to ensure the highest possible product quality. e3light certified by numerous internationally approved standards, including SA8000, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18000.

e3light Group is a WindMade member, meaning that e3light use only renewable wind energy for its production facilities. To reduce the CO2 footprint, e3light has developed special design e3light pallets, which are narrower and fills 20’’ as well as 40’’ containers better. By using e3light pallets, company can ship 7.1 – 7.6% more. Experienced and vertically well-integrated organization makes it possible to create highly innovative products at competitive prices and uncompromising quality.


E3Light Hope

e3light HOPE is a branch of the innovative Danish based e3light Group and founded as an effort to actively implement dynamic solutions to help combat poverty in third world nations worldwide.

e3light supports the “Business Call to Action initiative” and its goals are to provide the logistical and technological “know-how” and supply sustainable lighting solutions through a micro finance platform. To serve as a conduit to those who need it the most .

The organization’s mission is to advance and create sustainability projects in the third world. The purpose of this organization is to work with and through local and European NGO’s, micro finance institutions, governments, grants, foundations and charities who are united in wanting and believing in a cleaner richer and happier world. We want to be able to help developing nations like Tanzania, Kenya, and Bangladesh quicken their economic pulse and do our part to infuse commercial vibrancy.  By building our “e3light” strategy from a grass roots level we want to aspire to expand economic opportunity, raise productivity and increase growth factors that are so important in reducing poverty. In addition we believe that the quality of this growth is equally important. We want to be able to increase the livelihood possibilities of low-income household. Research from the World Bank and the UN states that the expansion of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities are the single most important paths out of poverty.


Which is why we want to advance this initiative, which in a sense will provide a source of Micro financing. Combined with the organization of a system of linkages, of distribute through or sell to NGO’s, governments or small entrepreneurs.By doing so we will be creating employment opportunities and essentially use this as a positive way of boosting the local economy.