LED-light products designed to softly illuminate spaces with light and motion sensors.
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“The idea of mylight is to create a source that can make life easier and safer for many people who have to be out of bed during the night. We have designed mylight to be as flexible as possible so that each user can customize it to their needs in relation to the location.” – Kasper Daugaard

Most people are familiar with the problem at night.  Whether it's a crying child that needs attending or nature’s call, it is often problematic having to find the light switch and wake a sleeping partner by turning on too much light. Imagine an LED strip instead, placed under the bed that automatically switches on when you swing your feet out, providing a soft light so you can easily and safely walk across the room without turning on the bedside or ceiling lamp. 

mylight is a new type of light from the Danish company e3light. It was designed to make life easier for parents of young children, the elderly and anyone who needs to be out of bed at night.

The light comes from a narrow band of LEDs that can be easily fit to length and installed without tools - it is attached to the bed frame with the self-sticking tape.

The light turns on and off automatically by a motion sensor. The sensor is also sensitive to light so that it is activated only when the room is dark and light is needed. 

Our lights are specifically designed to fulfill your personal need. You choose where to place the light and when you want the motion sensor to be triggered. We simply provide you the option. Through this smart light, you will be able to save energy, consume less and only when you need it. The smart light will only turn on when necessary and without any effort on your side. The installation is quick and easy and done within a few minutes.

 Give it a try and you will see why our light is truly – a light when you need it. 

LED lamps are much more efficient than the common lamps and have the ability to last much longer. The LED market has been growing rapidly in the past years and is projected to grow much more by 2020.

Through the smart light technology, households have been able to greatly reduce the cost of electricity as the lights automatically turn themselves off when they are not needed. Thus, reducing the cost, increasing the efficiency and saving a large sum of money.

There are several factors that contribute to the rapid growth of the LED market like the rate of urbanization, the increased mobility and the need for reduced energy costs. Many of these factors play a large role in the economy. The smart light industry has been providing better, more efficient and controlled systems to many customers around the world as they seek to increase effectiveness and cut cost to a minimum. The introduction of revolutionary wireless devices has allowed the industry to flourish in a tremendous way.

W e3light zawsze z pasją poszukujemy nowych zastosowań dla światła, które możesz wykorzystać w swoim domu lub miejscu pracy. Nasz pełen innowacyjności zespół nieustannie poszukuje udoskonaleń oraz nowych produktów do wdrożenia.  

mylight.me is a series of high-end sensor activated LED light for interior design lighting. The series of personal home lighting is a business division of e3light Group.

e3light Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of light and lighting technology, and the company has implemented its own value chain along the whole process of the manufacturer and development.

The Danish group has offices worldwide and over a decade operated through fully owned production facilities in Far East. The headquarters of the company are in Lystrup, Denmark, and the group employs more than 200 people worldwide.

 At the headquarters, the company conducts R&D, Sales and Logistical functions to support the production and sales offices located throughout the world.

The R&D of the company is dedicated to create innovative products that give corporations and consumers the opportunity to reduce energy consumption without compromising quality of light and aesthetics.